Elon Musk Announces Audio, Video Calls on X And No Phone Number is Required

Elon Musk has announced that rebranded social media app, X will be getting audio and video calls feature very soon.

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Musk also specified that the new feature will be compatible with Android, iOS, PC, and Mac and that audio and video calls can be made without any phone number.

In his post on Wednesday, August 30, Musk said;  “X is the effective global address book.”


“Video & audio calls coming to X”. he wrote


He further provided some details about the feature that made it unique. He said, “The new feature does not require a phone number.”



Twitter designer Andrea Conway had shared snippets of the new features, including the UI.

The interface of the audio and video call looks very similar to other applications that offer in-app calling. The user will have the option to either make an audio or video call from the DM section. Elon Musk has not specified whether this new feature will only be available for Blue subscribers or it will be made available to all X users.


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