Donald Trump Torches Joe Biden As Gloves Finally Come Off After Debate

On Tuesday, Donald Trump unleashed a stream of abuse against President Joe Biden, brutally attacking the embattled Democrat as he faced demands to withdraw his reelection campaign following a terrible debate performance.

Trump’s address in Florida was his first public appearance since the push for Biden’s resignation gained traction, and the gloves were firmly removed as the Republican accused Democrats of lying to protect the president.

“It’s the biggest cover-up in political history,” Trump thundered near the start of a 75-minute speech, which focused almost entirely on his 81-year-old election rival.

“As you know, they are all co-conspirators in the sinister plot to defraud the American public about the cognitive abilities of the man in the Oval Office.”

Commentators have remarked that Trump, 78, has looked remarkably restrained in recent days, stepping back from the spotlight to enable the media to focus solely on the Democratic leadership issue.

However, he broke with any pretense of restraint, describing Biden as a “corrupt, incompetent, cognitively impaired” leader who was scarcely aware of his own policies or performance in office.

In a typically bombastic address riddled with exaggerations and falsehoods, Trump accused Biden of frequently disappearing from the Oval Office while his son Hunter, a convicted felon, administers the country with the assistance of First Lady Jill Biden.

For much of the event at his Doral National golf property in Miami, Trump delivered his standard stump speech, portraying America as teetering on the brink of disaster and painting a world racing against the clock to avoid nuclear armageddon.

However, there were other departures as Trump blasted Biden — and continued to twist — over various public statements from elected Democrats in recent days that questioned his capacity to lead the party to victory in November.

Golf Challenge

The former president dared his successor to another debate without moderators and, in a lighter moment that raised a smile from audience members baking in 103-degree Fahrenheit (39-degree Celsius) heat, challenged him to a round of golf.

“It will be among the most watched sporting events in history, maybe bigger than the Ryder Cup or even the Masters,” he deadpanned.

“And I will even give Joe Biden 10 strokes a side… and if he wins, I will give the charity of his choice, any charity that he wants, $1 million. And I bet you he doesn’t take the offer.”

The pair had previously sparred over who had a better long game during the debate, and the Biden campaign’s response to the latest challenge came in the form of a golf pun.

“Joe Biden doesn’t have time for Donald Trump’s weird antics — he’s busy leading America and defending the free world,” it said.

“Donald Trump is a liar, a convict, and a fraud only out for himself par for the course.”

Florida Senator Marco Rubio is a frontrunner in the contest to be named Trump’s running mate at next week’s Republican nominating convention in Milwaukee, and he was in the front row to cheer on Trump and deliver brief remarks of his own.

Nearby, a digital billboard underscored the evolution that the Republican Party has undergone under Trump, playing 2016 footage of Rubio eviscerating the man he is hoping to work with for the next four years.

“You all have friends that are thinking about voting for Donald Trump,” the now staunchly loyal Rubio was seen telling a crowd in Texas. “Friends do not let friends vote for con artists.”

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