Dominican Republic Mourns 12-Year-Old Fatally Shot By Police Officer At Carnival

Donaly Martínez (left) was fatally shot by a Dominican police officer — Photo via Daily Mail


According to reports, a police officer in the Dominican Republic fatally shot a 12-year-old kid following an incident with the victim’s father. As a result, authorities want the officer put in pre-trial detention for a year until the outcome of an inquiry. The deadly incident happened on Sunday at a carnival in the Caribbean country, according to Daily Mail.

Donaly Martnez, the deceased, was shot and killed by a gunshot when his father Anthony Martnez and sergeant Alejandro Castro sparred. The fatal meeting took place in front of the victim’s barbershop, the victim’s father informed reporters, adding that they were drinking and dancing when police arrived. According to Anthony Martnez, the police told them that while they may keep playing the music, they would eventually have to turn it down when the singers and dancers from the carnival arrived.

However, once Anthony Martnez spoke, things got more heated and the officers departed the area. However, he claimed that after 20 minutes, they returned and tried to violently seize the speaker that was being used to play the music. The speaker, according to the victim’s father, was in a car, which the officers were able to access by opening the passenger door.

Castro is seen addressing a group of individuals and drawing his service weapon in the incidental video. Later, Castro and Anthony Martinez can be seen charging each other before colliding to the ground.

“When I tell him just wait, let’s talk, he pepper sprayed me,” Anthony Martínez said. “Then I get next to him and he pushes me and I threw a punch. There he takes out the gun that he had in the hand.”

In the wake of the incident, social media reports claimed the bullet that struck Donaly came from a weapon his father was carrying, Daily Mail reported. But Anthony Martinez said that was untrue.

“When he pulls out on me that is where I grab his arm and I hug him and we fall to the ground,” the deceased juvenile’s father said. “That’s when I heard the gun discharge.”

Donaly was playing with a phone and sitting at the time of the incident. He succumbed to his injuries after he was taken to a clinic. The deceased 12-year-old was buried on Monday.

“Eleven years by my side for the police to kill him in the street, 11 years by my side,” an emotional Anthony Martinez said.

The mayor of Santiago, Abel Martnez, expressed his condolences to the victim’s family and urged the government to expedite its plan for police reform. The police’s failure to provide Donaly with immediate medical attention after his father was jailed was also criticized by the mayor. It is impossible that police teams would be dispatched in a festive, public setting with heavily armed agents, ski masks, and other unnecessary paraphernalia to be among people who are just enjoying themselves healthily, without weapons, and in a family (setting). Worse yet, they would leave to protect the integrity of the agent who shot the child. In the statement, the mayor also said, “It is something unusual.

“This death fills us with great pain and we should call for the consideration of the Police Reform, which is in a process of inertia and lethargy.”


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