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Discovering Africa’s Top 10 Diamond Producers

It is no secret that Africa is abundant in valuable minerals that are critical for economic development, ranging from vast oil deposits to lush agricultural fields.

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The continent contains over 30% of the world’s total mineral reserves, including gold, copper, platinum, cobalt, uranium, lithium, and other elements that play critical roles in sectors ranging from electronics to infrastructure to energy production.

What’s intriguing is that these natural wealth aren’t concentrated in a single place, but rather spread across the continent, contributing greatly to the economic prosperity of many African states.

Diamonds are one of the most sought-after riches among this profusion of resources. The continent is home to several of the world’s most productive diamond-producing countries, each having its own story to tell in the global diamond business.

Recent Kimberley Process diamond production figures, a collaborative government, business, and civil society initiative that regulates diamond trade and production, demonstrated Africa’s important involvement in the global diamond industry.

Only 22 countries in the world produce rough diamonds, also known as uncut, raw, or natural diamonds, from deposits within their boundaries.

Surprisingly, eight African countries have secured their prominent positions among the top ten diamond-producing countries in the world in 2022.

The following are Africa’s top ten diamond-producing countries:

Rank Country Production volume Value ($)
1 Botswana 24,509,939.00 $4,700,321,539.00
2 Democratic Republic of Congo 9,908,997.66 $64,959,638.25
3 South Africa 9,660,233.00 $1,538,930,037.97
4 Angola 8,763,309.30 $1,965,247,499.47
5 Zimbabwe 4,461,450.15 $423,612,395.43
6 Namibia 2,054,227.06 $1,234,496,934.12
7 Lesotho 727,736.95 $314,358,893.67
8 Sierra Leone 688,970.20 $142,907,210.45
9 Tanzania 375,533.14 $110,936,767.64
10 Guinea 128,770.65 $6,556,170.10

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