Deontay Wilder Apologises To Robert Helenius For Brutal KO In First Round Of Their Fight

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Deontay Wilder has apologised to Robert Helenius for him knocking out during their clash on Saturday night.


The Bronze Bomber claimed his 42nd KO against the heavyweight contender by landing a devastating right hand on his chin during the first round of their bout.


Helenius was taken to hospital immediately as concerning images showed the Finnish boxer lying motionless on the floor directly after the knockout.


Wilder went to the 38-year-old’s hotel room after he was released from hospital and apologised for knocking him out.


‘Bro, are you okay? I love you man. I’m sorry,’ Wilder was heard saying as he rushed over to hug the Finnish heavyweight boxer in a video filmed by Esnews.

1 POWERFUL Wilder apologizes to Helenius for knocking him out post fight at wilder hotel suite


Helenius replied by saying: ‘I love you too. Don’t be sorry. I’m sorry I couldn’t give you a better fight.’


Wilder snapped back: ‘You did great. You did great. You did great’, before asking again if Helenius was okay.


Helenius admitted Wilder ‘surprised him’ but insisted he was ‘okay’ and that everything was ‘all good’.


Wilder went on to say:’ You know I love you man and we all love you’, before telling Helenius he was ‘sorry’ once again.


Helenius told Wilder he didn’t need to be sorry and revealed he was hanging up his gloves for good.


Helenius said: ‘This is your time. I have to say I’m out. I am 38 years old. I’ve been doing this for 25 yea


The Finish heavyweight added: ‘Thank you for giving me the opportunity to fight you. I appreciate you so much.’


Wilder responded: I appreciate you so much. I appreciate all of the rounds you could have given me. You are a part of where I am right now.


‘I appreciate you so much and everything you have been doing. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.’


However, the American heavyweight boxer went on to express his concern over Helenius’s long-term health.


He said: ‘I know you are feeling good right now but it’s week later, months and even years that I am concerned about because they don’t know. This is a tough business. We need people that love us around us.


Helenius went on to reassure the 38-year-old, he said: Don’t worry, I have got my family. I also have this big crew [referring to his team].’


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