Denmark is the First Country to Import CO2 and Bury It Undersea

Denmark will launch a project to bury imported CO2 1,800 meters beneath the North Sea on Wednesday, making it the first country in the world to do so.


The CO2 graveyard is located on the site of an ancient oil field, where carbon is injected to avoid further warming of the climate.


The “Greensand” project, led by British chemical firm Ineos and German oil corporation Wintershall Dea, is expected to store up to eight million tonnes of CO2 per year by 2030.


Carbon capture and storage (CCS) initiatives, which are still in their infancy and are expensive, aim to capture and then trap CO2 in order to counteract global warming. In Europe, over 30 projects are currently functioning or in the planning stages.


Yet, unlike other initiatives that store CO2 emissions from nearby industrial sites, Greensand stands out by bringing in carbon from afar.


CO2 is first caught at the source, then liquefied and transferred, currently by ship but potentially by pipeline, to reservoirs such as geological cavities or depleted oil fields.

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