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Dallas Driver Saves 7-Year-Old Boy Who Swallowed A Quarter | Video

After swallowing a quarter, a 7-year-old child in Dallas commended his bus driver as a “hero” for saving his life. Preston, the child, was joking with friends just before bus security footage captured the moment he ingested an object.

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Preston approached his bus driver, Raquel Radford Baker, at Seagoville North Elementary School on September 29, feeling he was ready to vomit. Baker described the incident, stating the boy appeared ill and she told him to throw up.

A coin became lodged in the little student’s neck a few moments later. According to the New York Post, Baker leaped into action, seizing the youngster and executing the Heimlich technique as they went to the pavement.

Surveillance video recorded her administering the life-saving treatment, which she repeated multiple times until the quarter was successfully dislodged from the child’s throat. Baker’s prompt action and effective answer saved the boy’s life.

Preston, the small youngster, thanked his bus driver by referring to her as his hero. He described her as an angel after she had saved his life.

Preston, his mother, and Baker had an emotional reunion in which Preston’s mother praised Baker for saving her son’s life.

Baker stated that it was her first time as a bus driver trying to save a child’s life. Preston, on the other hand, has promised not to put coins in his mouth in the future.

The video below shows the moment he was saved:

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