Contestant Eliminated from ‘Golden Bachelor’ After Disclosing Decision to Skip Daughter’s Wedding for Show Participation

Sandra Mason, 75, a retired executive assistant who appeared in ABC’s reality dating show The Golden Bachelor, revealed that she did so at the price of her daughter’s wedding.

The show, which is a spin-off of The Bachelor, stars a 72-year-old widower yearning for love again, as well as older women competing for love. Mason stated that she did not make the decision to miss her daughter’s wedding.

She said to People, “My son-in-law said, ‘Mom, our ceremony is eight minutes. Our marriage is a lifetime.’ He said, ‘You go. Go.’ And of course, my daughter said, ‘Mom, I’ve got my guy. You go get yours. So they practically shoved me out and said, ‘You got to do this.’”

The pleased mother of two characterized her daughter and new son-in-law as “great people,” and she expressed gratitude for their assistance.

She admitted to her potential love match and Golden Bachelor star, Gerry Turner, after participating on the show, that she had missed out on the key day to be there. His response was, “I feel very flattered, but that’s a big event.” The two then called Mason’s daughter via FaceTime, which made her happy.

Mason was eliminated from the competition a week after telling Turner about it, but she has claimed that she does not regret her action. She’s only disappointed that she couldn’t continue since she had hoped to meet her mate.

“I think I was hopeful. You know, six women, I have what? Mathematically, 50 percent or less than 50 percent chance. So, you know, in my heart and in my psyche, I knew that Gerry had formed some deeper relationships,” she said to E!.

Mason’s daughters were also dissatisfied, despite being impressed by their mother’s audacity. Mason also told E! that, despite the fact that she and her daughter live in different cities, she has already planned how their family will celebrate the wedding.

“We’re all going out to dinner,” she noted. “I finally went out and purchased a gift for them. I’m just going to kiss them all over.”

The 75-year-old woman also revealed that she had begun to attract the attention of others and that she still hoped to find genuine love.

“I think what I did learn is that finding a guy, my guy is very probable. And so I’m moving forward. As soon as I have time, I’m going to be available—look for that special guy.”

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