Columbus Boy Mowing Lawns To Get School Money

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While on summer break, a Columbus teen is mowing lawns in his neighborhood to support his family and raise money for school. According to NBC15, a Facebook post by 12-year-old Jayden Jackson asking for lawns to mow has been shared over a hundred times.

Jayden, who has five siblings, recently finished fifth grade at True Springs Academy and is now mowing lawns to earn money and stuff for himself and his siblings for the upcoming school year.

“When I was walking with my lawnmower someone stopped me and asked me to cut their lawn and I did,” Jayden said to NBC15. Angel Jackson, Jayden’s mother, said being the second oldest of her six children, Jayden is like the “dad out of the bunch” who is always going the extra mile to help. “He wants to help his brother, sisters and himself get things for school,” Angel Jackson said.

“He’s always had a love for cutting grass. He’ll watch YouTube videos, day and night cutting grass, weed eating, it just comes natural,” Angel Jackson added.

Jayden’s mother has Lupus and he is doing all he can to help her get anything she might need. Angel Jackson is grateful, adding that most kids in their community get into trouble a lot so she is glad that her son has gone away from all that and is doing things the right way.

Jim Hudson, one of Jayden’s regular customers, believes the young man will benefit both his neighborhood and himself. “He could have been out running around and playing, but he was trying to make some money.” He was quite stunning, and he returned several times. “I didn’t need my grass cut at the time, but he came by and asked; he’s building his customer base,” Hudson told News Leader 9.

A 12-year-old boy in Maple Heights, Ohio, went viral a few years ago for having his own lawn-cutting business.Mr. Reggie’s Lawn Cutting Service was run by Reggie Fields and his brothers, sisters, and relatives.

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