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Cincinnati Mom Shares How Psychic Helped Her Locate Daughter’s Remains

Kadidra Roberts


Tonia Litman expressed dissatisfaction with the pace of the police investigation into her daughter’s disappearance. As a result, she decided to seek the help of local psychics. She claimed she eventually found her daughter’s body after a psychic told her where she was.

Litman told FOX 19 that she and her 28-year-old daughter Kadidra Roberts communicated on a daily basis. However, after not hearing from Roberts for several days, Litman felt something was wrong. As a result, she reported her daughter missing to Cincinnati police on August 25.

Despite the fact that the phone calls with Roberts had stopped, Litman stated that her daughter “called out to me every day until I found her.” Litman said she was able to do so thanks to the assistance of a local psychic, and she decided to seek their help after becoming frustrated with the police investigation.


“A detail one of the particular psychics told me took us to that house,” she claimed. The house in question was located in Elsmere, and Litman, on September 1, initiated a search after the psychic gave her the lead.

Litman also told the cops about a tip she received about a man. She told the investigators that her daughter had gotten on a video call with that person on August 17. According to the criminal complaint, Litman claimed she received third-party information that the man lived in that home from a third party, according to FOX 19.

However, the complaint did not state how Litman “remembered how she knew” the man because she was unable to identify him at first. The complaint did not specify how she obtained the man’s name before police arrested him. The man’s name was Theodore Lamont Myers.

According to Litman, the psychic told her that Roberts’ remains had been disposed of in a wooded area behind the house. She, on the other hand, claimed that the psychic did not reveal any information about the man. Litman also stated that she used the psychic’s advice to find her daughter’s body.

“I went deeper into the woods, and I seen a shallow grave. I knew at that point that was her. A mother knows… I knew,”  she recalled. “Everything that she said was around my daughter was around her.”

After rushing out of the woods, Litman said she called the police. After obtaining a warrant two days later, Kenton County investigators searched the man’s home. They also announced the discovery of the remains. After running a fingerprint test, investigators confirmed the deceased person as Roberts on September 7.

Myers, 53, was arrested the following day. Following Roberts’ disappearance, surveillance footage from a nearby home showed a man going back and forth between the home and the wooded area. According to the complaint, investigators discovered Roberts’ personal items at the home after the search warrant was executed.

However, Myers told investigators that he and Roberts “partied together all night” after meeting at a program in Downtown Cincinnati. He claimed they later returned to his house and “passed out.” Myers claimed that after waking up and eating breakfast, he passed out again. Myers claimed he noticed Roberts was unresponsive after waking up for the second time, according to FOX 19.

Myers said he disposed of Roberts’ body out of panic. “I’m real angry,” Litman said. “I am because he didn’t have to do it. If he knew something was wrong, he should have called 911.”

The attorney for the Commonwealth, Rob Sanders, said Myers told investigators he decided not to call 911 because he had taken drugs. “Now I’m out of a best friend because she was my best friend, and [her children] are out of their mother, and it’s just too much,” said Litman. “So, it’s going to be hard, and I don’t know if I can ever have peace.”

Myers, who is being held at the Boone County Detention Center, has since been charged with tampering with records and abuse of a corpse. Sanders also stated that he could face additional charges.



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