Church Members Stage Protest Over Missing Money In Kenya



Members of the Anglican Church of Kenya (ACK), St. Matthew’s Kiangima Parish in Embu West Sub-county of Kenya, embarked on a protest on Thursday, December 29, over alleged misuse of funds by the church committee.



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The church members who held up placards and twigs while chanting during the protest, demanded immediate dismissal of the whole committee.


The protest was triggered by report of their Vicar who has been sent on transfer, not being paid his dues for the last two months despite them dutifully paying their contributions towards church development.

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They disclosed that their contribution amounted to Ksh8 million. They are also alleging that Ksh5 million cannot be accounted for given that Ksh3 million went towards settling of diocesan cess.


A member Joyce Kiuria said;


“Our plea to know why our Vicar has gone without pay for two months have fallen on deaf ears as none of our elected officials is willing to come clean over the matter.“


They are also threatening to close down the church until they’re given an explanation on how the money was spent.



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