Chris Rock’s Blundered Joke About Will Smith is Edited out of his Netflix Special

Chris Rock Calls out Will Smith and Jada Pinkett over Their Unusual Marriage | How Africa News


One of Chris Rock’s gags about Will Smith was cut from his Netflix special when he botched it during the live broadcast, causing the actor to be ’embarrassed and hurt.’

The comedian recently broke his silence following the actor’s slap at the Academy Oscars in March, aimed at Will and his wife Jada Pinkett-Smith.

But, when Chris revealed that he ‘f****d up’ a joke about Will’s latest film Concussion, viewers have noticed that the line has been omitted from the special’s final cut.

On Friday, March 3, the show was first shown live on Netflix.

It’s been reported that Will is ’embarrassed and hurt’ by Chris’ deicison to base his Netflix special on their clash, and is keen for him to ‘let it go.’


In his special, Chris discussed the slap in a stinging monologue, claiming Jada was the one who ‘started this’ as he argued she said he should ‘quit the Oscars’.


Chris added that Jada called for him to quit because Will hadn’t been nominated for the film Concussion.


However, Chris got the title of Will’s film wrong, and had to correct himself before admitting to the crowd he’d blundered the joke.


He said: ‘Years ago, his wife said I should quit the Oscars. I shouldn’t host ’cause her man didn’t get nominated for Emancipation.


‘The biggest piece of s**t ever. Okay, so the n****r gives me a f***ing concussion. No, not Emancipation, I f****d up the joke. Concussion.’

Fans were quick to notice that when the special is watched now, Chris joke is delivered with the right film title, and his apology for messing it up has been removed.


One tweeted: ‘Feel so bad for Chris Rock. He waited a year to get his revenge against his bully and wrote an AMAZING final 10 minutes to his live special… then fumbled the last joke delivery on Concussion/Emancipation. Still spectacular of course but could’ve been out of this world.’


Another added: ‘Chris Rock really did have a year to practice that Will Smith concussion joke and choked on stage.’

Will is said to be ’embarrassed and hurt’ by Chris Rock’s decision to base a new Netflix special on their Oscars clash last year.


Since slapping Rock across the face for making a joke about his wife Jada Pinkett-Smith’s alopecia, Smith has since been punished with a 10-year ban from the awards ceremony, while Rock has used the incident as source material for his new stand-up show.

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