China Emerges as Top Choice for African Students Seeking International Education

China is becoming an increasingly popular destination for African students seeking higher education. Chinese investments in Africa have piqued the enthusiasm of African adolescents in learning the language. As a result of this tendency, the country is becoming increasingly popular and may soon surpass numerous European destinations.

Data from The Pie News shows a 258% increase in African students studying abroad in China from 2011 to 2017. According to the survey, the majority of Africa’s internationally mobile students come from low- and middle-income nations like Nigeria.

In 2019, 6,845 Nigerian students studied in China, with 512 receiving government scholarships, according to China Admissions. The next year, 6,659 Africans registered at Chinese colleges, representing 46% of the province’s total international student population.

Despite the lack of post-pandemic figures for African enrolment in Chinese institutions, the report noted that the planned launch of China-Africa Cooperation on Talent Development later this year will spur the growth of African students in Chinese universities and colleges by launching a number of initiatives aimed at strengthening educational ties.

This program will include English-taught degree courses as well as tailored courses for African students to master both Chinese language and vocational skills. China is also developing numerous other initiatives, such as the China-Africa Universities 100 Cooperation Plan and ten pilot exchange programs between China-Africa partner institutes, to help the continent enhance education and innovation.

Meanwhile, a recent analysis found that Nigerian students are no longer interested in studying in the UK. According to official figures, the number of applications from Nigeria has decreased by a stunning 46%, more than any other country during the time under consideration.

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