Chico Family Builds Food Donation Stand For Community Members In Need

If you’re low on fruits and vegetables or just want to try something new, stop by the J & M farm stand for free fruits and vegetables.

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After their garden produced more food than they needed, John and Michelle Rose decided to establish the stand.

“You gotta pay it forward once in a while. Some women and some men they can’t afford to feed their families and they might be in between a week where they got this fruit stand up here I can come and feed my kids,” said John.

He said people might see more options laid out once his tomatoes are ripe, but he’s also hoping other community members will come by and donate their own produce.

“If you can donate then that’s wonderful and if you can’t donate then leave a little note or say a little blessing and it’s all good,” he said.


By: Lauren Cooper

The stand became a family project when John got his father-in-law, Roger Rose involved in the building process.

“What were your thoughts when he came to you with this idea? Well I sort of thought it was crazy but we do grow a garden and get a lot of squash and stuff,” said Roger.

John told Action News Now people can feel free to take a book out of the free book stand and take a seat on the bench he built himself from recycled wood.

Rose said in the two months the stand has been out, they’ve gotten $25 in donations.

While it’s not required for any food, it’s greatly appreciated in the form of cash, produce, seeds or other plants.

The food stand is in the Rose family’s front yard at 3198 Godman Ave. in Chico.

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