Chargers’ Sebastian Joseph-Day Claims He Was Sexually Assaulted By TSA Workers

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Sebastian Joseph-Day, a former Super Bowl champion and defensive lineman for the Los Angeles Chargers, has claimed that he was sexually assaulted by TSA personnel on Friday, March 24.


The incident occurred at John Wayne Airport in Orange County, California, according to the 28-year-old NFL player, who signed with the Chargers in 2022 after spending his first three seasons with the Rams.


He claimed that an agent sexually touched him when he was passing through security checkpoints. He claims that after asking the worker to stop, he was “swarmed” by three more TSA agents.


Sebastian said in a statement;


“I’m all for people doing their job well. But it was extremely unnecessary and dehumanizing. I travel a lot, for personal and work reasons. I’ve never experienced anything like that @JohnWayneAir.

“I’m not sharing this on Twitter for sympathy. I’m sharing this so this group of gentleman and staff aren’t allowed to do this ever again to another human being.”


The NFL star who claimed that he tried filing a complaint immediately, accused officials of “making him jump through hoops to do so.”


TSA has now released a statement, saying it was aware of the allegations and is investigating the claims. It read;


“We are looking into the matter to determine if our procedures were followed and whether any corrective action needs to be taken.

“TSA remains committed to treating every traveler with dignity and respect while carrying out its security screening responsibilities.”

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