CaT Bobino, The Black Mom Leading Oakland’s Fastest-Growing Black-Owned STEM Venture

Meet CaTameron (CaT) Bobino, Founder and CEO of The Know Consulting, the fastest-growing Black-owned STEM company in Oakland, California. She is an HBCU alumni of Stillman College who says her 3-year-old son has inspired her to change the way youngsters approach STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education.

CaT’s pioneering effort, In The Know: Setting Up Your Child for a STEM Career, is a captivating workbook meant to instill curiosity and discovery in young scholars.

In a world where innovation is the currency of development, CaT’s goal goes beyond ordinary.In The Know is more than simply a workbook; it opens up a world of endless possibilities. With an electrifying emphasis on parental involvement, she enables families to solve scientific puzzles one experiment at a time. From basketball courts to science fairs, she encourages parents to be the greatest champions of their children’s goals.

But wait—there’s more! The Carter Can Be series introduces youngsters to STEM subjects such as astrophysics, marine biology, animal biology, and seismology through engaging novels. Inspired by her son Carter and his pals, CAT Bobino creates stories that represent the rich fabric of our world. As they read, youngsters of color discover themselves as heroes in their own scientific journey.

CaT emerges as a pathfinder, leading the way to a new age in STEM writing by breaking down barriers and destroying prejudices. As the fastest-growing Black-owned STEM enterprise in Oakland, CA and its surroundings, she dares to dream beyond the constraints of convention.

CaT organizes activities that redefine community engagement, demonstrating impressive advocacy. From COSI to EOYDC, her impact is felt like seismic waves, attracting the attention of celebrities such as Second Gentleman Douglas Emhoff. With the imprimatur of greatness, CAT Bobino invites us to see a display of possibility right in the heart of Oakland.

But her journey does not stop there. From Upward Bound at Mills College to Liberation Park, she illuminates the route for future generations, helping them through the maze of discovery and enlightenment.

With her podcast, “In The Know with CaT Bobino,” she invites listeners into a realm of wonder, where scientific mysteries and technological marvels collide. Through her words, she takes us on a journey of discovery, where each query leads to a new adventure.

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