Cameroonian Lady Reportedly Commits Suicide After Boyfriend She Sponsored To U.S. Dumped Her For Another Woman


A Cameroonian woman living in the United States is said to have committed suicide by hanging after her boyfriend dumped her for another woman.


Bella Powers, a Cameroonian activist and humanitarian, revealed this in a Facebook post on Wednesday, March 29, saying the lady, who lived in Hyattsville, Maryland, took the extraordinary measure after learning that her ex-boyfriend was planning to marry his new girlfriend on June 3, 2023.

The lady was said to have funded the man’s relocation to America from Cameroon.
“According to Fon Sama, this USA based lady took her own life because her boyfriend broke up with her and shorty after she heard he was planning to marry someone else on June 3rd 2023,” the post read.
The Lady, who hailed from the Northwest Region of Cameroon, precisely Ngie, lived in Hyattsville, Maryland USA.
It is reported that she spent all of her money to bring the love of her life, a man from Bangwa, Southwest Region of Cameroon to America.
After spending sometime in America, the young man decided to end their relationship as he was no longer interested in her.
A while later she discovered that he was already planning a wedding with another woman for June 3rd this year. Upon hearing this, she was extremely heartbroken which led to her ending her own life by hang!ng. May she RIP. This is the full version of what actually happened gotten from my colleague Kesamag.

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