Cameron Diaz Reportedly Quitting Acting Again After Jamie Foxx On-Set Meltdown


Actress Cameron Diaz will reportedly retire from her acting career for good after she wraps the Netflix film “Back in Action” with Jamie Foxx so she can focus on being a mom to her 3-year-old daughter, Raddix.

“These back-to-back 10-hour workdays have been a lot on her and she hates being away from Raddix,” a source close to Diaz told the Daily Mail on Monday.

“Cameron loves being a mom more than anything in the world.”

While Diaz’s husband, Benji Madden, is supportive of her acting career, her time on set has apparently “been a lot on him.”



“Although she has gotten to see her family while shooting the film, it is just not the same,” the insider claimed.

Diaz, 50, and Madden, 44, married in 2015, and Raddix was born in 2019. Diaz announced her retirement from performing a year before the birth of their child.

Nevertheless, the “Charlie’s Angels” actress startled fans when she returned to the screen to co-star with Foxx, 55, in Netflix’s next action-comedy film, which is expected to be released in 2024.

The Seth Gordon-directed film was apparently marred by drama, with Foxx allegedly throwing a tantrum on set, prompting him to fire an executive producer, two directors, and his driver.

However, a source close to Diaz confirmed that the “Shrek” voice actress is on good terms with Foxx and that his reported “meltdown” had nothing to do with her alleged decision to re-retire from acting after this final project.

“When you are in a position of authority, sometimes you have to make decisions to let people go who do not share the same vision as you,” the source said, adding that it would be “incredibly surprised if it caused any tension between Jamie and Cameron.”

The source added, “Cameron is a businessperson and understands that this is necessary at times and, honestly, Jamie is the only reason that she is doing this film and they are still very close.”

Still, the source explained that Diaz “hates” the “drama and confrontation” that comes with working in Hollywood.

“This is why she retired from the business in the first place,” the source explained. “She has already proven herself in the industry and has nothing left to prove to anyone.”

Filming for the movie reportedly took place in the UK from Dec. 2, 2022, to March 9 and further filming will continue in Georgia between March 27 and April 14, according to Screen Daily.

Foxx and Cameron have known each other for years and worked together in the past. In 1999, they both starred in “Any Given Sunday” and in 2014, they joined forces for the remake of “Annie.”

“Annie” was notably the last movie Diaz starred in before announcing her retirement.

Diaz reflected on the irony of returning to acting in a movie with Foxx after retiring following a collaboration with the “Ray” star.

“The last movie I made was ‘Annie’ with Jamie, and so, the first movie back is this film with Jamie. He’s so great, he’s so easy, he’s so professional, he’s so talented,” Diaz told Jimmy Fallon on “The Tonight Show” last September.

Diaz admitted that getting back to acting after quitting has been an adjustment.

“I did that for so long, it’s kind of like the process, I kind of just fell back into it. But it feels a little bit different,” she said.

The “Sweetest Thing” alum seemingly wants to step back from acting and focus not only on her family but on her wine brand, Avaline, which she launched in 2020.

“Cameron has gotten extremely involved in Avaline and was pivotal in its creation,” the insider said, adding, “Aveline has grown exponentially and it is something that Cameron is very, very proud of.”


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