British-Nigerian Author James Ogunnusi Unleashes Three Thought-Provoking Books in One Month


In an extraordinary display of literary prowess, British-Nigerian author James Ogunnusi has unveiled a trilogy of captivating books within the span of a single month through divine inspiration. These remarkable literary works promise to stimulate profound reflection among readers worldwide.

Restored: Reawakening the Soul’s True Essence” 

Do you wonder about the path to perfection, despite our inherent imperfections? Is it fair to expect such a lofty standard? 

How can one reconcile the idea of a forgiving God with the concept of eternal damnation? 

Why do individuals continue to sin even after experiencing a spiritual awakening?

“Restored” by James Ogunnusi delves into these thought-provoking questions and more. This guide is your key to rediscovering your divine identity, leading a purposeful, joyful, and free life.

Cleave: Sacred Reunion of the Divided” 

Is the concept of women submitting to men in marriage outdated or essential for a healthy union? 

What is the role of men within a marriage, beyond procreation? 

How can couples navigate the complexities of modern relationships while maintaining unity and love?

“Cleave” addresses these intriguing questions and more. Drawing inspiration from scripture and real-life experiences, James Ogunnusi explores the significance of love, submission, unity, and equips readers with invaluable insights and strategies to fortify their partnerships, irrespective of their current state.

Me, Myself & I: From Independence to Interdependence” 

How does one shift from a self-centred existence to one rooted in genuine connections? 

What role does unity, humility, and God-centred relationships play in our increasingly independent society?

“Me, Myself & I” explores these captivating questions and more. In a world emphasising individualism, James Ogunnusi provides biblical insights and practical guidance to help readers transition from isolation to interdependence.

These transformative works by James Ogunnusi are now accessible on Amazon and Selar, offering various currencies and formats for readers’ convenience.

Prefer an e-book format? You’re in luck! Find these books on Selar using the following links:



“Me, Myself & I”: 


If you’re an audiobook enthusiast, “Restored” and “Cleave” are available on Google Bookstore, accompanied by their respective audiobooks on Google Play.

James Ogunnusi expresses his sincere gratitude for choosing these enriching books. May they serve as a source of inspiration and growth for you and your loved ones 



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