Boy, 8, Raises Over $50K For Waiter After Learning He Lost His House



Kayzen Hunter, 8, found that Devonte Gardner, his favorite server at Little Rock Waffle House, was residing in a motel with his wife and children after having to leave their mold-infested residence. Gardner’s girls became ill as a result of the mold infestation, according to KTHV.

So to help his favorite server, Kayzen set up a GoFundMe to help raise funds for Gardner to rent a clean property and also purchase a family car. At the time of this report, more than $50,000 had been raised for Gardner, surpassing the initial $5,000 goal.

“Devonte is just a really nice person. Really good guy. Super nice to everyone he meets,” said Kayzen. Gardner’s situation had also taken a toll on him financially. “Right now, I’m working to get a car working and be able to, you know, move my daughters out of the hotel that we’re staying in right now,” Gardner said, adding that his expenses had gone up.

“All my tips and everything that I get to go straight to my kids, I pay for the room daily pay $60 a day and it’s just eating my pocket alive,” he said.

Gardner’s predicament caused his little friend to start the fundraiser. The outpouring of support has since been overwhelming. “It just be a blessing. You know, I’m always counting my blessings, always. Thanks. Anything that anybody gives me. So this is… it made me almost cry,” Gardner said.

Kayzen also said it felt great to help his friend out. “Kayzen does not, you know, not want anything in return. Just wants other people to pay it forward,” Kayzen’s dad, Korey Hunter, said.

Kayzen said he hopes his gesture will encourage others to follow suit irrespective of their age. “It just feels good to help someone else,” the 8-year-old said.

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