Boy, 6, Hailed Hero for Saving Mother After She Suffered a Seizure and Collapsed at Home

After his sick mother experienced a medical emergency at their home in Picayune, Mississippi, a 6-year-old child was recognized for his quick thinking. According to the Picayune Item, the incident occurred on February 11 when little Cornelius’ mother, Cornissia Fairley, had a seizure at home.

Fairley, who had stage 4 pancreatic cancer, began suffering focal seizures many weeks before her son discovered her unconscious. The 6-year-family old’s had taught him to dial 911 in an emergency. That’s exactly what he did.

Cornelius correctly conveyed what was going on to Picayune Dispatch during the 911 call. After their residence was found, an ambulance arrived and transported Fairley to the hospital. Cornelius’ fast thinking is reported to have averted a potentially disastrous situation.

Cornelius was granted the pleasure of leading the Picayune Mardi Gras the next day as a reward for his bravery.

He accomplished this in collaboration with Police Chief James Bolton and the Police Department. Aside from that, the 6-year-grandparents, old’s Mayor Jim Luke, and his elementary school principal recognized him at a City Council meeting.

Fairley was diagnosed with the illness last year. “When they found it, unfortunately, it had spread to her liver and lungs,” Cornelius’ grandmother, Cornelia Andrews, told WLOX. “And a couple of weeks ago we found out it had spread to the brain as well.”

Despite her condition, Andrews said they still hold their heads up high. “He’s always thinking ‘I want to give this to my mommy,’” she said about the 6-year-old. “You know some kids go into the store ‘can I have this for myself, can I have this.’ But he was more so trying to get something that would give a smile on his mommy’s face.”

Andrews also said Cornelius is always looking out for his mother. “The other day we went into the Dollar Tree getting something and when he came back, he was like ‘Glamma look what I have,’ and he picked up different colored flowers and said ‘I want to take this to my mommy,’” she said.

GoFundMe has since been set up to help raise funds for Fairley’s medical expenses.

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