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Blind Woman From Nigeria Beats 18 Others to Win Beauty Pageant



Favour Rufus, a woman from Nigeria who has been blind since her childhood, recently won the 2022 Miss Port Harcourt City Beauty Pageant, defeating 18 other women.

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When she was 8 years old, Rufus went blind after enduring problems with her eyes for 2 years. Doctors said her left eye became completely blind and her right eye might also be blind if she missed her constant treatments.

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Even though she had a visual impairment, she did not let it stop her from achieving great things.


Rufus joined the 2022 Miss Port Harcourt City Beauty Pageant even though many discouraged her. She believed in herself and rose above the others as she won the title, beating 18 other women.


Meanwhile, a video sharing her story that was posted on Facebook now has more than 1 million views with a lot of people congratulating her in the comments.



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