Black Woman Whose Tax Firm Made $1.5 Million In 3 Months To Provide Franchise Opportunities


Dr. Shawanda S. Moore is the founder and CEO of Royal Financial Services. She is passionate about financial services such as Individual Tax Preparation, Business Tax Preparation, Business Coaching, Financial Growth Analysis and Strategies, and more.

Moore was running her tax firm with her son, Shaun Moore, who was tragically killed in a violent incident in New Orleans on September 29, 2020. He was only 21 years old.

She wanted to give up everything at first because her son was more than just a business partner; he also made her feel like the best mother in the world. Despite her grief, Moore decided to finish her son’s unfinished business in order to keep his memory alive.

Moore, dubbed “The Tax Doctor,” worked and coached her team to their most successful year yet, Black Business reported in May 2022. According to the entrepreneur and business coach, she achieved this success by implementing new strategies, procedures, and policies to reflect the company’s growth. Her tax firm made $1.5 million in three months, according to Black Business. Moore also assisted her software partners in expanding their tax business.

In May of this year, she will begin offering franchise opportunities for Royal Financial Services. According to Black News, she has launched a tax preparation curriculum for aspiring entrepreneurs that includes a textbook, a workbook, and hands-on instruction for her students.

Her tax preparation curriculum is embedded in an 8-week program held twice weekly via Zoom in the evening to allow those with day jobs to participate. So far, over 30 people from across the United States have enrolled in her course. Moore assisted those who completed the program in starting their own tax business. She gave them free copies of her tax software.

She is an author in addition to coaching. She has written books such as “The Tax Doctor Saves Christmas,” “Budgeting and Saving with the Tax Doctor,” “Starting a Business with the Tax Doctor,” and “Small Business Records.” In August 2021, she released her first book, “Introduction to Tax Preparation,” to help people understand the tax process and start their own tax businesses. Moore ordered 200 books, which all sold out in a matter of days.


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