Black Woman-Owned Branding Agency Announces Partnership with Amazon’s Buy with Prime Program

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Diamond Spikes, the founder and CEO of DS Creative Design Studio, an award-winning Black woman-owned branding firm, has revealed an incredible collaboration with Amazon’s Purchase with Prime program. The collaboration provides complete branding training to Black-owned businesses, assisting them in taking meaningful actions to expand and improve their overall brands.

The first two workshops were recorded, and the next two will be in March. This collaboration is historic because it is Purchase with Prime’s first of its type. The sessions were primarily offered to Amazon’s Black Business Accelerator participants, allowing them to benefit from the knowledge and experience of DS Creative Design Studios’ very own Diamond Spikes.

DS Creative Design Studio focuses in assisting direct-to-consumer firms in scaling to the next level through high-level brand alliances. Client work has been featured in major publications such as British Vogue and Good Morning America, and the company has been trusted by over 70 brands.

“We are so excited to be partnered with Buy with Prime to bring our branding workshops to Black-owned businesses and for me to be able to plug other Black experts in my network,” said Diamond. “Part of our mission is to empower and uplift Black-owned businesses, and this partnership is a huge step in achieving that goal. With our new workshop presentations happening in March 2023 with the Buy with Prime team, we hope to reach even more businesses and help them to achieve their goals.”

This collaboration is a huge step forward in terms of fostering diversity and inclusion in the business sector, and it will assist to level the playing field for Black-owned firms by providing them with resources they would not ordinarily have access to.

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