Black Traders Who Made $5M in One Year to Give Away $1M to Struggling Families

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Meet Jehu Graham, 29, and Francis Kway, 32, two young African American investors who also founded Cheat Code Algo, powerful software that predicts stock market trends using a series of indicators. They made $5 million in revenue their first year in business and are now on a mission to give away $1 million in trading profits from their own trades to urban communities over the next two years.



Cheat Code Algo is a tool that provides both new and experienced investors with all of the information they need to get started. Members have access to a library of resources to help them make informed trading decisions. They have live trading via Zoom every day in their community of over 17,000 traders with abilities ranging from absolute beginner to advanced.


Jehu and Francis recently collaborated with Gillie Da Kid and Wallo267 to launch a challenge to raise funds for Philadelphia families. They made $20,000 in 30 days by trading stocks and gave it all away in cash to local single mothers and struggling families. But that’s just the start. Ultimately, they hope to distribute $1 million to more needy families across the country.


“We believe that trading is the key to empowerment for Black and brown communities because there is no discrimination in the trading markets,” they say in an interview on the popular Earn Your Leisure podcast. When it comes to trading, everyone has an equal chance of becoming wealthy if they master the skillset.”



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