Black Employee Who Rode His Bike 30 Miles a Day to Work Gifted a Car

Samson Adams, a waiter at a Texas Roadhouse restaurant in Paducah, Kentucky, used to suffer a three-hour bike ride to work in the hot sun. However, he was recently given an automobile.

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Samson, who lives approximately 30 miles from his employer, stated that he works at the restaurant to support his family. However, he could only get there by bike.

“I had no choice but to use a manual bike, and then that went out, and then God came and blessed me with all this,” Samson told WRAL.

Sam’s predicament changed when his community stepped forward to help him. Joelle Long, a Texas Roadhouse community ambassador, and her husband became aware of Adams’ daily struggle after noticing his tiredness at work.

“I started picking him up. We started talking,” Long said. “The more I talked to him, the more I get to know him, the more I loved him. The more I felt like this guy really deserves someone to give him a little bit of help.”

Long posted Adams’ tale on Facebook, and the response was overwhelming. The community, including Adams’ colleagues at Texas Roadhouse, pitch in to help. Adams was taken aback by the outcome.

“I thought I was in trouble… I forgot to do something or maybe I shouldn’t have ate that piece of bread on camera,” Adams said. “You know, something simple like that. And she was like no, you’re not in trouble, I got news for you. We got you a car. Just basically I didn’t know what to think.”

With the new car, Adams’ three-hour bike commute has been drastically reduced to a mere 30-minute drive.

“Thank you very much Paducah. Come and see me at Texas Roadhouse. My name is Samson. I’ll be the best server I can be,” he said.

Additionally, any remaining funds from the GoFundMe campaign set up for Adams will be used to cover his car insurance and fuel expenses.

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