Black Dad Gifts His 13-Year-Old Son 40 Acres of Land in California

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For his 13th birthday, African American father and businessman Faheem Muhammad of San Diego, California, gave his son 40 acres of land. He claims that he wants to impart to him the value of acquiring land and building generational riches.


Muhammad, a real estate investor and co-founder, claims that he purchased the site in 2021 as a getaway from the city.


“We see clear space, where we can uninterruptedly enjoy nature, especially growing up in a congested city like L.A. when we are out here it’s totally different,” Muhammad told CBS8.


Muhammad said he learned the value of owning property and contributing to his community from his mother, Aminah Muhammad, who taught him and his siblings when they were children. As an example, when his son turned 13 on March 16, he was given 40 acres of land.


“I thought it would be a great opportunity to teach him a life lesson about the land,” he said.


His son was excited about his new property, which he envisions to be an open space for camping. He said, “You could build, like, ATVs around the whole thing. Build a zipline from the mountain.”

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