Big-footed Black Teen Grateful to Shaq for Oversized Shoe Gift

Jor’el Bolden, a 16-year-old adolescent from Kansas City, Missouri, who struggled to locate shoes that fit his size 23 feet, recently received unexpected relief and support from his community, including former NBA great Shaquille O’Neal.

Jor’el described his challenge to locate suitable shoes without having to pay for expensive custom-made ones that could cost more than $1,000. Tamika Neal, his single mother, started a GoFundMe campaign to help him find suitable shoes. It has so far raised more than $11,000.

The response in Kansas City was remarkable, with numerous gifts coming in to help Jor’el. Shaquille O’Neal became aware of his story when it was picked up by national media sites such as Entertainment Tonight.

Shaq was affected by his story and reached out to him. Shaq greeted Jor’el, who was shirtless at the time, with a pleasant ‘What’s up, big sexy?’

Less than a week later, three large crates appeared on Jor’el’s doorstep. The shipments contained not only new clothes and shoes, but also stuff directly from Shaq’s personal collection.

“This is better than Christmas morning. Neal told CNN that Shaq, not Santa, sent this.

The haul included a crate containing roughly 20 pairs of sneakers. Shaq wears a 22 wide, but Jor’el prefers a 23. These shoes are a tremendous assistance right now, but as he develops, he’ll need bigger ones.

The cash generated will help Bolden secure even bigger shoes for his future needs. Jor’el expressed gratitude for everything he received.

“Thank you for taking the time and the money that you have earned to give to me when I needed it,” he said. “Thank you for all of the things that will come from it and that already have.”

Looking ahead, Jor’el, inspired by Shaq, aims to be a professional athlete, with hopes of becoming a boxer someday.

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