Australia Woman Finds Deadly 6-foot Snake in Her Bed While Changing Bed Sheets


When a woman in Queensland, Australia, went to change her bed linens on Monday, March 20, she discovered a deadly 6-foot eastern brown snake in her bed.


The snake catcher who was called to the incident, Zachery Richards, told Newsweek that as she waited for him, she “locked up the room” and “placed a towel underneath the door.”


According to Richards, that’s exactly what she should have done.


“If you see a snake, back away slowly, leave it alone, confine it to the one room and call in a professional,” he explained.


Eastern brown snakes have “the unfortunate distinction of causing more deaths from snake bite than any other species of snake in Australia.”


“Anyone suspected of receiving a bite from an Eastern Brown Snake should call for medical attention without delay,” the Australian Museum cautioned.


Thankfully, when Richards arrived at the woman’s house, he discovered the snake had stayed in the same spot and was “taking a siesta.”


In terms of why the snake got inside, Richards told Newsweek that “it was quite a hot day,” so the reptile “probably came inside hoping for some refuge.”


After being apprehended, the snake was restored to its natural habitat: outdoors, a safe distance from its human neighbors.


Richards then posted a photo of the reptile on social media.


“Check the bed carefully tonight!” he wrote.

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