At 15, Shyla Brown Ranked Top African American Junior Golfer

Shyla Brown, 15 years old, is already the top African American Junior Golfer. Brown became interested in the sport when she was eight years old after watching her parents participate.

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“You know, when you’re that young, you kind of take up what your parents are doing. I found it enjoyable,” Brown told WFAA.

Brown is one of four nationally ranked high school golfers who competed in the Southwest Airlines Showcase at Cedar Crest, a golf competition that puts the country’s best amateur players against one another. The facility has historical ties to pioneers such as Charles Sifford, who broke down the color barrier for the PGA Tour.

“It means a lot to me. The history behind Cedar Crest that’s been held there… Pioneers like Charles Sifford, walking in his footsteps, it means a lot to me,” Brown remarked.

Brown was named to the 2023 American Junior Golf All-Star Team, making her only the second African American to do so. She attributes her career success to her consistency.

“To much is given; much is required. The more blessings that are given to me, the more responsibilities I hold to uphold those blessings,” Brown expressed.

Brown lives in McKinney and plays at Stonebridge Ranch’s Dye Golf Course. Her coaches, teammates, and family all push her to do better. She remarked that seeing them succeed motivates her.

Brown manages to balance school, marching band, practice, and tournaments while pursuing her dream of being a professional player.

“I want to get through college. Go professional and not even just get on the tour. Be one of the greatest,” Brown stated.


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