Arm of Missing Teen Murdered and Dismembered Found on Beach

Sade Robinson, a 19-year-old African American teen woman from Vicksburg, Mississippi, was brutally murdered and mutilated while on a first date. Her remains have been discovered at several locations, including an Illinois beach and several portions of Milwaukee.

Robinson’s arm was discovered last month on a beach in Illinois, around 50 miles from where she was killed. Robinson’s family received confirmation of the discovery on Tuesday, according to NBC News.

This discovery adds to the grisly finds reported earlier in April, which included a torso, another arm, a severed right leg, and a foot found in separate areas.

Robinson, 19, was murdered and dismembered after going on a first date with 33-year-old Maxwell Anderson.

On April 2, a severed human leg, identified as Robinson’s by DNA testing, was discovered in southern Milwaukee, prompting an investigation into her death. More body parts were discovered in Milwaukee within a week, including a foot, according to the sheriff’s office.

Robinson was reported missing the day following her rendezvous with Anderson because she failed to show up for work at Pizza Shuttle.

On the night of their date, Robinson texted Anderson, saying she was “feeling seafood,” according to phone records. Authorities monitored Robinson’s activities that night, verifying she went to a seafood restaurant, a neighboring sports bar, Anderson’s home, and the park where her leg was discovered.

Anderson was accused with Robinson’s murder and has pleaded not guilty.

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