Angel Rich-Jones Becomes Youngest Black Person to Receive Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award

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Angel Rich-Jones, a Hampton University alumna, has received the Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award signed by President Joe Biden in recognition of her distinguished leadership and service. The yearly awards recognize persons “who demonstrate exceptional character, work ethic, and dedication to their communities.”

Angel, 36, is a wealth pioneer, the author of the best-selling book History of the Black Dollar, and the founder of the AI FinTech App CreditRich, which uses users’ spare change to intelligently pay their bills and maximize their credit score as quickly as possible. Angel became the first Black woman to launch a neo-bank and the first Black person to develop a strategic alliance with a credit bureau in the previous two years.

“I am thankful to the administration to receive such a prestigious award at such a young age. For just as many accomplishments behind me there are significantly more DEI mountains to climb, financial freedom battles to win, and technology wars to conquer,” added Angel who is coined the Next Steve Jobs by Forbes and recognized as one of the world’s top financial experts. “I am blessed to have passion and vision from God to lead my work, company, and communities where we aim to make a big change.”

The company looks forward to launching its CreditRich Visa Signature Debit Cards and hosting The Gift of Credit Celebrity Charity Concert early next year.

In addition to her company, Angel is the President of #BlackTechMatters PAC, which promotes equality in employment, education, and entrepreneurship, laying a global foundation for connectivity and climbing to #2 in the world for promoting Black tech entrepreneurs.

Another thrill she cherishes is establishing the WealthyLife Foundation to provide equal access to financial literacy for everyone everywhere, assisting hundreds of millions of people worldwide through games, classes, online courses, and other means. The Obama White House, the Department of Education, and JP Morgan Chase all recognized WealthyLife the greatest financial literacy company in the country.

While at Prudential, Angel wrote the first African American Financial Experience Study and headed President Obama’s Veterans Initiative Research Study to assist build the plan to bring the troops home. Angel, who comes from a long family of soldiers, is a proud HillVets graduate who appreciates giving back to the community and country.

On Juneteenth, the Reverend Dr. George Holmes hosted the Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award at Matthew Memorial Baptist Church in Washington, DC. Angel got the award from President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, according to Holmes, for her dedication to the community and her efforts to impact lives via financial literacy. According to Holmes, “Angel has a profound amount of knowledge about building wealth and entrepreneurship that the country can benefit from.”

Holmes also invited the crowd to Angel’s after-parties at Sequoia in Georgetown and the new HQ DC by the Burns Brothers, who graciously opened their doors for a private Juneteenth celebration.

Angel has helped more than 300 prominent public and private organizations expand DEI initiatives, expand thought leadership and protect national security.

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