American Red Cross Hopes For an Increase in Blood Donations Following FDA Ruling


Josh Murray with the American Red Cross said while the organization’s blood supply might not be critically low, it’s low enough to cause concern.

“There’s no other way to provide blood to the patients who need it other than from donors,” he said. “We can’t manufacture it, or produce it in a lab.”

Murray said the Red Cross strives to maintain a five to seven-day supply of blood, right now they sit just below that.

Murray said the summertime is typically challenging for blood donations.

“People get busy, they’re traveling,” he said. “A lot of summer activities go on that take them away from doing things like giving blood.”

The Red Cross and other blood donation centers could benefit from a rule change.

The Food and Drug Administration lifted restrictions that would allow more gay and bisexual men to donate. Murray said the red cross supports the move and hopes it leads to more donations.

He encourages all potential donors not to shy away

“A lot of people think, I can’t give cause I take this medicine or I’ve had this treatment in the past or whatever,” he said. “We don’t want you to miss that opportunity to be able to help someone out.”

There are eight locations across the Omaha metro where you can give blood starting Wednesday through Saturday.

KMTV is a proud sponsor of the American Red Cross Blood Drive.

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