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Amber Becomes South Carolina School’s First Black Homecoming Queen in 155 Years

Amber Wilsondebriano, a high school student in South Carolina, has become the school’s first black homecoming queen in 155 years.

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The Porter-Gaud High School student, 17, was picked by public voting. She stated to USA Today.

“When I was nominated, I didn’t feel confident I would win. However, throughout the week, many students told me they were voting for me. When the day came and my name was called, I was relieved and honored because I knew I was a part of history. I was elated the whole night. My peers made me feel special for the day.”

Wilsondebriano revealed that she received a lot of love both before and after she was crowned. She expressed her appreciation for being chosen not because of her color, but because of her accomplishments and integrity.

The adolescent has a 4.66 GPA, making her one of the top students at school. She is also a co-founder of several school clubs, the most noteworthy of which is the Black Excellence Society Club, which she established in response to the need for black students in her school to get together and have a safe space. It is also a location where black pupils may brainstorm ideas for increasing diversity at school.

“There are less than 10 black people in my senior class,” Wilsondebriano said. “When we have our meetings, every black student in the school can fit in one classroom.”

Wilsondebriano and her friends presented the program concept to the school officials last year, and it was immediately accepted. They have since showed their support by financing lunches on occasion and providing a classroom for club meetings.

In addition to co-leading the Chinese and Art Clubs, the young achiever plans to major in painting at The Savannah College of Art and Design in the autumn. Her objectives include writing and drawing children’s books. She also aspires to one day own her own company and source her own work.

Monique Wilsondebriano, her mother, described her as a very remarkable youngster, saying, “She has taught herself how to paint.” She is a true blessing. It’s hardly unexpected that the children voted for her to be queen. She is a trustworthy and devoted friend.”

In honor of her daughter’s accomplishment, the pleased mother shared a photo of herself on Facebook with the message, “She won!!!! Amber is The 2023 Porter Gaud Homecoming Queen !!!! First in the school’s history.”

Monique Wilsondebriano also told WGME, “Amber is smart, funny, and has always been a friend to anyone she meets. The fact that these kids, most of whom do not look like her, saw something special in Amber and voted her to be their homecoming queen means the world to us.”

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