Alicia Keys Donates $60,000 to Support Her Alma Mater’s Struggling Performing Arts Program

Alicia Keys and Roc Nation surprised a 12-year-old girl with a generous donation to her cause. Tennyson Artigliere, a seventh-grade student, started a GoFundMe page to raise $102,000 to save her school’s performing arts department from closure due to budget shortages.

When she heard about the girl’s campaign to save the Professional Performing Arts institution in New York City, legendary artist Keys — who also attended the institution — decided to step in with her label and pay $60,000.

According to TMZ, Keys and Roc Nation’s donation supplemented the kids’ previous $50,000 fundraising efforts. They have agreed to help with annual fundraising for the program until the city can offer financing on its own.

Tennyson is pleased to have received celebrity aid, particularly from a well-known alum like Keys. According to the publication, her classmates were shocked when she disclosed that Keys would help preserve their performing arts program.

The 12-year-old told ABC7, “I had no idea that it was going to be this big and blow up so huge.”

Vibe reports that noteworthy alumni of the school include Jeremy Allen White, Claire Danes, Britney Spears, and Jesse Eisenberg, in addition to Keys.



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