Akon Says The First Phase Of Akon City Will Open In 2026

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Akon says Akon City will be here before we know it.

Akon stated in a recent interview that the Senegalese metropolis he is creating will be livable by 2026. He also claims that it would house the biggest hospital on the African continent.

“We’re still on track,” said the “Lonely” crooner, noting that despite the ongoing effects of COVID-19, his futuristic city is still set to open in the initial year that they set out for.

“It kind of stalled a bit because a lot of partners and solution providers clearly had to lock down, but things didn’t affect the paper pusher aspect of it,” he continued during the interview.

He went on to describe the pandemic’s documentation and negotiation processes in more detail. They have advanced to the building process’s feasibility and environmental sectors at this time.

“Now, we’re back on track. Now, construction will start in 2023,” Akon shared. “We still have the three-year window for the first phase to be done and our goal is for the first phase to be done by 2026 to make the junior Olympics in Senegal.”

Akon City is a $6 billion project that was reportedly inspired by the successful movie “Black Panther.” The “Smack That” singer initially announced the news in 2018 and compared it to a “real-life Wakanda,” the fictitious, technologically superior nation from the movie.

Akon has always made a point to contribute back to the region where his family has its roots, despite the fact that he was born in the United States to Senegalese parents.

Along with a hotel and the corporate tower, which the singer referred to as the Akon Tower, Akon says the city will have:

  • boating docks
  • a food and beverage store
  • a 10,000-bed hospital
  • plus more


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