After Watching Warren Buffet on YouTube, This CEO Now Runs a $2.5 Million Company

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Jordan Awoye, founder of Awoye Capital, determined that neither basketball nor medicine made him feel fulfilled after years of investigating multiple professional options and coping with the attendant emotions of failure that came with them. This was after he discovered his vocation while hearing a series of financial seminars by millionaire businessman Warren Buffet.

Jordan’s dream before to realizing his mission was to play professional basketball after college. Despite working hard and dedicating his life to success on the court, he was expelled from high school in his final year. He gave basketball another attempt in college, believing he still had a chance with professional basketball, but he failed to impress the school’s basketball squad.

When his circumstances appeared to be turning around after receiving a scholarship at Eastern New Mexico University to play basketball and pursue his academic dreams, he began to suffer from injuries on the field, as well as abnormal heartbeats. Jordan’s eligibility on the squad expired, resulting in his eventual withdrawal.

As heartbreaking as it was, he never gave up on his dream of playing in the NBA, instead enrolling in pre-med with the goal of focusing in sports medicine. While looking for inspiration for this new professional path, he began spending his nights watching YouTube material and stumbled across one of Warren Buffet’s investment presentations.

According to one Long Island website, he soon became captivated to his screen and discovered his purpose in what professional route he was excited about.

Despite graduating from Eastern New York University with honors, he went straight into the financial world, ignoring what he had studied in college. Jordan learned the ropes of the business world from the top financial and corporate professionals despite having no prior understanding of the financial industry or any connections.

He attended business classes at the Wharton School of Business while learning on the job. After years of experience, he decided to leave his corporate job to launch Awoye Capital, a black-owned fee-based financial and wealth management organization that gives insights on asset management and financial protections using money’s languages.

Jordan took a risk when he chose to start a firm in financial advice services. According to the most recent available self-reported statistics from the qualified Financial Planner Board of Standards, there are 4,196 black and Hispanic qualified financial planners in the United States.

According to Zippia, only 5% of financial counselors in the United States are black. Many Americans are becoming acquainted with the financial advisory industry. According to a recent Statista analysis published in 2022, just 35% of Americans use the services of financial consultants, while 57% prefer to manage their own affairs.

Despite the financial advisory market’s dim prospects, Jordan has handled his business efficiently and is thriving. According to, Awoye Capital managed assets of $2.5 million as of the business evaluation in 2023.

He was named on Forbes’ list of Black-Owned Companies to Support. According to Kids Money, NBA star James Harden has also joined with Awoye Capital to teach teenagers financial literacy skills.

Jordan may have failed at the start of his career pursuit by experimenting with his passion, but tenacity and resilience saw him through to the door of success.

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