Actress Amanda Bynes Released From Mental Health Facility


Amanda Bynes, an American actress, has checked out of a mental health facility three weeks after being admitted for treatment following erratic behavior and a naked stroll around Los Angeles.

The 37-year-old former “All That” actress left the facility on her own accord, according to TMZ on Tuesday.

She allegedly worked with the facility’s staff to determine when she was ready to resume her normal routines. She will now enter an outpatient treatment program to ensure that she maintains the progress she made while receiving treatment.

She will reportedly go back to living in her own home.


Bynes had been under conservatorship since 2013, but it expired last year, so she will be able to make her own decisions again.


TMZ previously reported that Bynes’ parents had no plans to seek another conservatorship because she had been doing well prior to her recent mental health crisis.


The original arrangement began in 2013, after she was involuntarily committed following a year of run-ins with the law.


She was arrested in 2013 for allegedly throwing a bong out the window of her 36th-floor Manhattan apartment after two hit-and-runs and a DUI in 2012.


Bynes was recently admitted to the hospital after allegedly wandering the streets of the Greater Los Angeles area for four days straight after her car was towed in Long Beach on March 15.


During that time, she appeared to be manic and spent some time walking around naked.


Amanda was spotted walking around in her underwear on the day she entered the treatment facility, but a witness told TMZ that the She’s The Man star had flagged down a car for assistance.


She was apparently aware of her mental state, as she called 911 to report that she was emerging from a psychotic state and needed help.


After she was picked up, Bynes was initially put under a 72-hour psychiatric hold, which was initially extended while her team at the mental health facility devised a treatment plan for her.


Amid her mental health struggles, Bynes’ parents banned her ex-fiancé, Paul Michael, from having any contact with her after their four-year relationship came to an end in January of this year.


‘They do not want her ex-fiancé around her, and he has been instructed to have no contact with her,’ an insider told on March 28.

‘He does not seem to have her best interests in mind and her family has nothing good to say about him.’


While speaking to the New York Post, he said: ‘She got off her meds, and she’s still off her meds… She’s wild.’


Michael previously claimed the two were now ‘friends.’

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