Actor Jamie Foxx Calls Police After He’s Targeted for £33,000 in Elaborate Scam While Filming Cameron Diaz Comeback Movie Back In Action

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Actress Cameron Diaz’s comeback film has reportedly come to a halt after co-star Jamie Foxx called the police to report a plot to steal £33,000 from him. 


Bosses of Big budget Netflix movie Back In Action are said to have paused the production as they carried out an investigation which led to a member of staff getting the sack.


It is claimed police were contacted over the incident as it is thought the same worker may be linked to other attempts to obtain large sums of money from big stars in the past.


A source told The Sun: ‘This film has been a bit of a nightmare.


‘There have been a lot of delays, especially with the weather thanks to filming outdoors in London in winter, but the latest issue is a bit more sinister.


‘One staffer has been sacked, and there are investigations after someone tried to get access to £33,000 in cash from Jamie Foxx.


‘It sounds as though they tried to offer up a Rolex watch as part of the deal but now there’s an investigation into everything going on. People will be glad when this thing finally wraps.’


It comes after it emerged that Cameron will likely won’t return to Hollywood for another film – after a friend revealed the star has been struggling with long work days that tear her apart from her husband Benji Madden and their three-year-old daughter, Raddix.


She officially retired from her Hollywood career in 2018, before being lured back by her close friend Jamie to star alongside him in the action comedy Back In Action.


But her comeback project was thrown into turmoil earlier this month, when it was reported that Jamie ‘had an absolute meltdown’ on the UK set of the movie, which led to the firing of three people.


Now, a source close to the star has revealed that while she does not have any issues with Jamie she likely won’t return to the world of film after wrapping the project, because she’s had such a hard time being away from her family.


‘These back-to-back 10-hour workdays have been a lot on her and she hates being away from Raddix,’ the pal tells MailOnline exclusively, adding, ‘Cameron loves being a mom more than anything in the world.’

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