A Guide to the Best Road Trips in Pennsylvania

Road Trips in Pennsylvania

No trip to Pennsylvania is complete without a proper road trip. Pennsylvania is a beautiful state that has a lot to offer. The countryside is gorgeous, and the cities are charming because they aren’t too big.

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Pennsylvania isn’t on most people’s bucket list. But it should be. There is something for every itinerary here.

Road Trips in Pennsylvania

For food and chocolate lovers, there’s Hershey. For history lovers, there’s the Civil War Museum. Here are just a few ideas of things you can do on your next road trip through Pennsylvania.


  1. Amish Country


There are few places more traditional than Amish country.


Get ready for a slower type of road trip. You might have to slow down before you get a chance to pass a horse and buggy.


Pennsylvania has one of the country’s largest Amish communities. They aren’t offended by tourists. In fact, they are quite used to it.


The Amish are very friendly people and happy to talk about their way of life. Many Amish even allow guests to stay with them. This can be a great getaway from the city or even just from your phone.


The food in Amish country is great, and there are a lot of traditional craftsmen. It’s a great place to buy some furniture.


You definitely won’t forget to visit the Amish country.


  1. Wine Trail


Pennsylvania isn’t as well-known as California.


But there is a small wine trail with some boutique wineries. This can be great for a nice romantic trip or getting away with the girls.


Wine tourism is on the rise all over the East Coast. And so is cannabis related tourism. Many states on the East Coast have small dispensaries you can visit.


Unfortunately, Pennsylvania does not allow recreational cannabis. So, if you want to enjoy weed while you’re here you’ll need a medical marijuana card.


However, it’s not that difficult to get one.


Here’s information on the legal status of cannabis in Pennsylvania and how you can get a medical marijuana card here. Of course, if you’re just visiting, you should get one at home.


Hopefully, legislation will become more relaxed. In fact, certain cities in Pennsylvania permit you to have small amounts of cannabis for recreational use, and that is likely to change.


The best way to encourage legalization is to consume responsibly.


  1. Gettysburg


Visiting Gettysburg is a must for history lovers.


See if you can remember the famous Gettysburg address that you had to memorize in high school. But don’t feel bad if you need to read it.


There are frequent battle reenactments. And there are lots of tours and talks related to the battle.


If you plan well, you could even visit on the anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg. There will definitely be a lot to do then.


Aside from the historical battlefield, the town has a lot to offer.


It’s a charming little town that is very tourist friendly. It’s great for antique shopping and visiting some wineries or breweries.


  1. Hershey


Everyone loves a good chocolate bar. But everyone really loves a Hershey bar.


Even if the classic isn’t your favorite, Hershey owns other products. Here’s a list ranking all of the best Hershey bars out there.


Taking your kids to Hershey land is an outing that they will never forget. It’s also a great destination for adults, too.


Adults love chocolate just as much as kids. Maybe even a bit more if they’re being honest. Indulge yourself for a day and eat as much chocolate as you can during the tour.


You will not regret it.


  1. Fallingwater


Fans of contemporary architecture must visit Fallingwater.


Otherwise known as the Frank Lloyd Wright house because it was designed, not so surprisingly, by Frank Lloyd Wright.


The house was built in 1935 and was designed for the Kaufmann family. The house was later donated and is now open to the public.


There are tours every single day, and you can learn about Lloyd Wright’s career and style. You can also learn about contemporary architecture.


Fallingwater has influenced many subsequent architects and artists.




There are countless road trips you could do in Pennsylvania. Whether you’re just traveling through to another state or a local, you’ll find something to do.

















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