9 Migrants Found Dead By Italian Coastguard After Shipwreck

Italy’s coastguard reported Thursday that nine migrants, including a child, were found dead after their boat was shipwrecked southeast of Lampedusa, while 22 others were saved.

The coastguard stated Wednesday that authorities in Malta, whose search-and-rescue jurisdiction the shipwreck happened, had requested assistance. The shipwreck occurred approximately 30 miles southeast of Lampedusa, Italy.

The coastguard sent a patrol boat to the scene and “rescued 22 shipwrecked people and recovered nine lifeless people, including a child,” according to a statement.

The rescue operations were impeded by rough conditions, with waves reaching up to 2.5 meters (8.2 feet), according to the report.

The migrants were taken to Lampedusa due to “severely hypothermic conditions”.

A coastguard aircraft was also dispatched to the area in search of missing migrants, according to the statement.

It did not specify how many people were thought to be missing.



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