9 Great Reasons Why You Should Consider Relocating to Sutherland Shire

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Sutherland Shire is definitely near the top of the list of the most appealing Sydney suburbs to live in. Why should you consider relocating to this sleepy suburb? Here are 9 compelling reasons why you should consider relocating to Sutherland Shire.

1. Low crime rate

Sutherland Shire is a popular place to raise a family and is very safe. That is not to say it is a crime-free haven; there are still areas where there is a lot of crime. However, in comparison to many suburbs, you will feel extremely safe here.

2. Access to nature

Sutherland Shire is perfect for those looking to get away from the city and reconnect with nature. While it is still a part of the city, there are trees and grassy areas all over. It also has parks and playing fields, and it is close to Royal National Park.

3. Access to the beach

Sutherland Shire is not directly on the coast, but it is very close to it. Cronulla Beach is a 15-minute train ride away, making it ideal for spending time by the sea. Shelly Park Beach and Horderns Beach are also nearby.

4. Access to the city centre

Sutherland Shire is located 25 kilometers south of Sydney’s central business district, but it is easily accessible by train, car, or bus. The majority of people who live and work in the city center rely on public transportation to get around. Other parts of the city are also easily accessible by public transportation from Sutherland Shire.

5. Community spirit

The sense of community spirit is something you’ll notice right away if you live in Sutherland Shire. There are numerous clubs, workshops, expos, and other community-organized events here. The community also invests heavily in local sports; if your children are interested in participating in sports, you may want to consider relocating to Sutherland Shire.

6. Reputable schools

Sutherland Shire also has an excellent school system. Primary and secondary schools, as well as a mix of public and private schools, are included. This is yet another reason why families come here to settle down.

7. Range of recreational opportunities

Sutherland Shire has a number of pubs and restaurants for leisure activities. It also has a fantastic leisure center and numerous gyms. On top of that, there are cricket grounds, football fields, and swimming pools.

8. Cycle-friendly suburb

It is simple to get around Sutherland Shire by bicycle. It is a very bike-friendly suburb with some fantastic off-road cycleways. Even if you don’t ride a bike, you might find that living here encourages you to do so.

9. Diverse housing portfolio

Whatever your housing preferences are, Sutherland Shire is certain to have the right types of properties. There are a few older houses for sale here, as well as a few modern townhouses. There are also many apartments on the eastern side of Sutherland Shire that are reasonably priced in comparison to many apartments in Sydney.

The location of Sutherland Shire makes it ideal for visiting the beach, escaping to nature, or getting to the city. It also has a diverse range of schools, restaurants, pubs, and sports facilities. Overall, Sutherland Shire is well worth considering as a place to live.

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