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80-Year-Old Woman Donates 203 Pints of Her Blood Throughout Her Life, Breaking World Record

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Blood donation is the most sacred act a person can perform. It is both sacred and noble because it has the potential to save someone’s life.

A single blood donation, considered the greatest valuable service to mankind, can help save more than one life since blood can be separated into its various components and used in various ways to benefit people in need.

That is why specialists recommend that healthy people register as donors at least once in their lives.

Many of us can be happy to report that we have donated blood multiple times to help save lives. Yet Josephine Michaluk, 80, has spent her entire life rescuing people with her blood.

She owns a Guinness World Record for the most whole blood donated after donating blood on a regular basis for nearly six decades (female).

In 1965, at the age of 22, Josephine began donating blood. She had donated a total of 203 units since then, saving the lives of countless others.

According to, the previous record for the most whole blood donated (female) was held by India’s Madhura Ashok Kumar, who donated 117 units in her lifetime.

Josephine was persuaded to donate blood by her older sister, who had a blood donation appointment in 1965. And she hasn’t stopped since.

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“I decided I would join her and that was the beginning. I feel like I have it in me to give. I can share it to people that need it,” Josephine, whose blood type is O+, told Guinness World Records. O+ is usually always in high demand by hospitals all over the world because the it’s the most common type. According to the American Red Cross, 37% of USA’s population is Type O+.

Josephine has been able to remain as a donor despite her advanced age since there is no upper age limit for blood donation in the United States as long as the donor is in excellent health. But, to assure her health, checkups and testing are performed prior to each donation.

The most astonishing thing about Josephine is that, despite reaching the age of 80, her pace of donation has not slowed. She still makes more than four donations per year.

However, she was unable to give for a number of years owing to pregnancy. She had four children during those years, making her unsuitable for donation.


She has inspired many people with her enthusiasm for donation and hopes she can continue to do so in days ahead.

“I never even thought I would have a record; I was not donating for that reason. And I plan on keeping on,” she said.
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