8 Countries in Africa With The Fastest-Growing Military Strength in 2024

Africa’s worldwide prominence continues to rise dramatically. With an economy of young brains and rare resources that hold huge promise, the continent continues to make a case for why it should be given more prominence than it already receives. One facet of Africa’s development is its military. In terms of military capability, African countries have substantial permanent armies and reserves.

While catching up, African countries are making significant military achievements. Countries like Egypt, Morocco, South Africa, Kenya, and Nigeria continue to exhibit the continent’s ability to become a formidable force.

As a result, other African countries have followed suit, displaying their ability to develop relevant and capable military formations.

Africa’s military prowess is becoming more apparent, according to the Global Firepower (GFP) formula, which evaluates military capability based on a variety of characteristics such as people, equipment, logistics, money, and location.

The Global Firepower (GFP) formula is based on the Global Firepower platform, which provides annual updates on military information worldwide.

Global Firepower’s 2024 annual defense review features 46 countries, eight of which are from Africa.

Below are some African countries.

RankCountryPower IndexPower on the rise (global rank)
4.Ivory Coast1.986935th

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