7 Companies That South African Billionaire Heiress Caroline Rupert Invested In

Caroline Rupert is the only daughter of Johann Rupert, South Africa’s richest man. The 40-year-old has put her trust fund to good use. In 2018, the University of Cape Town graduate established Kathaka Advisers Limited, a single family office situated in London, to manage her personal investments and humanitarian interests.

Kathaka is a highly private company that keeps the majority of its investments hidden from the public view. Kathaka employs only four people. However, in the five years since Caroline Rupert launched the firm, the firm has made notable investments in African and worldwide software startups.

HowAfrica takes a look at seven investments in the portfolio of one of Africa’s wealthiest heiresses.


1v1Me is a free program that allows you to play video games for money against other people. The company was created in 2020 and is situated in New York.


Kapu is a social commerce firm established in Kenya that enables group bulk grocery purchases and claims to help consumers save up to 30% on the purchase of fresh fruit and packaged consumer products.


Peppy, which was founded in London in 2018, is a digital health health app that provides services related to menopause, fertility, pregnancy, and early parenthood to a corporate customer base, which then provides it for free to employees.


Zeotap is a customer data platform powered by AI. It offers a customer intelligence platform that enables organizations to integrate data into CRM systems. Zeotap was founded in 2014 with the goal of assisting marketers in monetising consumer data in a privacy-first Europe.


Lick, a London-based online home décor firm, sells a curated selection of environmentally friendly paints, wallpapers, blinds, and supplies via omnichannel distribution.


Papier is a British online e-commerce firm that sells personalised wedding invitations and stationery, such as personalized notebooks and notecards.


Revea is a skincare line that is made to order. To deliver clinical-grade diagnostics and bio-customised treatments that learn and modify with clients’ skin over time, the company employs patented skin imaging, smart AI formulas, and digital skin tracking systems.

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