7 Businesses Owned By Senegalese-American Singer Akon

Akon is a Senegalese-American musician, entrepreneur, and record producer. He rose to notoriety in 2004 with the release of “Locked Up” (with Styles P), the first single off his first album Trouble (2004), followed by the second single “Lonely”.

Konvicted (2006) garnered three Grammy nominations, including Best Contemporary R&B Album and Best Rap/Sung Collaboration for “Smack That” (with Eminem) and “I Wanna Love You” (including Snoop Dogg). Both singles charted in the top ten on the Billboard Hot 100, and were followed by “Don’t Matter” and “Sorry, Blame It on Me.” The track “Right Now (Na Na Na)” was the lead single off his third studio album Freedom (2008).

Devyne Stephens, president of Upfront Megatainment, first heard about Akon when rapper Lil Zane took him to Stephens’ rehearsal hall, where talents like Usher and TLC were cultivated at the time.

Stephens and Akon’s friendship and mentorship began with the young musician popping by to ask for assistance, and Stephens eventually signed him to his production firm and began training him professionally. The songs Akon recorded with Stephens were discovered by Universal’s imprint SRC Records.

Asides music, Akon is also an entrepreneur involved in several businesses and initiatives. Here are seven businesses and initiatives associated with Akon:

1. Akon Lighting Africa: This initiative aimed to bring electricity to rural and underserved areas in Africa using solar energy. Akon and his partners focused on installing solar streetlights and small-scale solar systems to provide electricity to communities.

2. Akon City: Akon announced plans to build a futuristic city in Senegal known as “Akon City” or “Akon Crypto City.” The city was envisioned to be powered by Akon’s cryptocurrency, AKoin, and was intended to serve as a hub for technology and innovation.

3. Konvict Muzik: Akon is the founder of Konvict Muzik, a record label that has signed and promoted various artists. Some notable artists who have been associated with Konvict Muzik include T-Pain and Lady Gaga.

4. KonLive Distribution: Akon founded KonLive Distribution, a record label and music distribution company, to help artists release and distribute their music. It has been involved in distributing music for several artists and projects.

5. Konvict Kartel: This is a touring company under Akon’s brand that has organized concerts and live events featuring artists from Konvict Muzik and other collaborators.

6. Akonik Label Group: Akonik Label Group is Akon’s company that includes various music-related ventures, such as music production, artist development, and music publishing.

7. Clothing Lines and Fragrances: Akon has been associated with various fashion and fragrance ventures, including his “Konvict” and “Aliaune” clothing lines and a line of fragrances.

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