7 Businesses Owned By Egypt’s Richest Man Nassef Sawiris

Nassef Sawiris, Egypt’s richest man and one of Africa’s wealthiest billionaires, has built a diverse investment portfolio. This portfolio includes large investments in important firms and sports franchises, which are supplemented by his $2.18 billion war chest, which represents for more than a quarter of his overall wealth.

Sawiris’ fortune stems mostly from his investments in Adidas, the renowned sportswear business, and OCI N.V., a fertilizer producer situated in the Netherlands. He is also one of Europe’s wealthiest football club owners, with stakes in Aston Villa in England and Vitoria Sport Clube in Portugal, both of which have contributed significantly to his riches.

Sawiris’ net worth has climbed by $389 million since the beginning of the year, rising from $7.03 billion to $7.67 billion. His portfolio also includes investments in Arkema S.A, a publicly traded multinational specializing in specialty materials, and Madison Square Garden Sports Corp, a professional sports organization based in New York.

Sawiris has firmly established himself as Egypt’s wealthiest individual and the richest man in the Arab world, with a current net worth of $7.67 billion.

HowAfrica highlights seven companies where he holds substantial or minority stakes:

1. OCI N.V.

OCI N.V. is a global leader in the manufacturing of natural gas-based chemicals, serving critical industries such as agriculture, transportation, and industry. OCI N.V., with operations in the Netherlands, the United States, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, and Algeria, has a phenomenal production capacity of 16.2 million metric tonnes, firmly establishing it among the world’s leading nitrogen fertilizer producers. Sawiris’ astonishing wealth stems mostly from his controlling 38.8 percent ownership position in OCI N.V., which is currently valued at an impressive $2.27 billion.


2. Adidas AG

Sawiris has held a prominent position as the largest individual shareholder in Adidas AG since officially declaring his acquisition of a 6% stake in the company in 2015. This had long been his most valuable asset, until April 2022, when his OCI N.V. stake outperformed his Adidas assets in terms of market value. Today, his 6% investment in Adidas is worth an astonishing $2.3 billion.


3. Orascom Construction

Orascom Construction is a renowned engineering and construction corporation founded in 1950 by the late Egyptian tycoon Onsi Sawiris. It focuses on essential projects in the Middle East, Africa, and the United States, including infrastructural, industrial, and premium commercial complexes. Sawiris owns a substantial 28.97% interest in this Cairo-based building behemoth.


4. Madison Square Garden Sports Corp

Sawiris made a wise investment in Madison Square Garden Sports Corp., a major U.S. sports holding firm based in New York City, in 2020. The corporation is well-known for running the famous Madison Square Garden venue. Sawiris obtained a 5% share in this publicly traded corporation, which is currently valued at $214 million, through his holding company, NS Holdco.


5. Vitoria Sport Clube

Through their joint venture, V Sports, Sawiris and American billionaire businessman Wes Edens own a large part in Vitoria Sport Clube, a Portuguese professional football team. This strategic investment, valued at €5.5 million ($5.85 million), was completed earlier this year for a 46 percent interest.


6. Aston Villa F.C.

Sawiris is a proud co-owner of the prestigious English football team Aston Villa. Through their corporation, NNS, they possess a dominant 55 percent share in the club alongside American investor Wes Edens. NNS is a subsidiary of Bruins Sports Capital, a well-known US private equity firm with a significant focus on the sports business.


7. Arkema S.A

Sawiris owns a substantial investment in Arkema S.A., a publicly traded global firm that serves industries such as construction, automotive, and electronics. His current shareholding is worth $379 million, which brings his net worth to $7.67 billion.

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