7 Businesses Owned By Cameroon’s Richest Man, Baba Ahmadou Danpullo

Baba Ahmadou Danpullo’s journey from humble beginnings as a truck driver to become Cameroon’s richest man is tribute to his incredible dedication. His commercial impact and status as one of Francophone Africa’s wealthiest men make his narrative nothing short of amazing.

Danpullo is the architect of the Baba Ahmadou Group, a significant Cameroonian conglomerate with vast operations across multiple industries.

His ownership of Ndawara Tea Estate, West Africa’s largest privately held tea estate, demonstrates his strategic investments. He owns a significant stake in Nextel, a strategic partnership between Viettel Global Investment JSC and Best Invest Cameroon.

Danpullo’s fortune was evaluated at FCFA 547 billion ($905 million) in 2019, owing to his diverse investments in real estate, the culinary sector, telecommunications, and transportation.

His fortune, estimated to be worth a billion dollars, solidifies his status as Cameroon’s richest man and places him among Africa’s most affluent individuals.

Danpullo’s influence stretches far beyond his financial achievements in the African economic environment. This is seen in his recent legal measures against MTN Cameroon, which caused major inconvenience by suspending the company’s bank accounts.

The consequences of this extraordinary move pushed MTN Cameroon to seek large loans in order to restore operational stability.

Danpullo, Cameroon’s richest man, continues to play an important role in the country’s economic landscape, with investments covering multiple sectors.

Danpullo’s notable assets have been discovered and tracked by HowAfrica:

1. Baba Ahmadou Group

Baba Ahmadou Danpullo Group, founded by Danpullo in 1976, is a cornerstone of Cameroonian commerce. The conglomerate spans a vast spectrum of businesses, including real estate, telecommunications, and agriculture, with an uncompromising commitment to excellence.

This conglomerate’s enormous portfolio includes prestigious agro-food brands such as Cameroon Tea Estates, Ndawara Tea Estates, Best Fish, Alba Ranch, and Best Rice, as well as the telecoms behemoth Nexttel. This smart combination of operations has cemented the group’s position as a titan in West Africa’s economic landscape, leaving an indelible influence across a wide range of Cameroonian industries.


2. Ndawara Tea Estate

Ndawara Tea Estate, nestled among the rolling hills of Northwest Cameroon, shows Danpullo’s commitment to agricultural excellence. The estate, West Africa’s largest privately held tea estate, spans over 5,000 hectares of finely managed crop. Ndawara Tea Estate is a model of precision and innovation, specializing in tea farming, processing, and strategic marketing.


3. Ndawara Ranch

Danpullo’s Ndawara Ranch, the crown gem of West Africa’s private ranches, reflects his commitment to scale and grandeur. This enormous ranch is home to thousands of livestock heads, including cattle, bore goats, sheep, horses, milk-producing cows, chickens, and birds. Its size was highlighted in 2011 at the Ebolowa agro-pastoral show, where the largest of its oxen were displayed.


4. Nexttel

Through Nexttel, Cameroon’s third-largest mobile provider, Danpullo’s influence shines strongly in the dynamic domain of telecommunications. This strong entity is the result of a strategic alliance between the Vietnamese government’s Viettel Global and Bestinvest Cameroun S.A.R.L. Baba Ahmadou Danpullo, who owns a considerable 30% stake in Bestinvest Cameroon, holds a prominent position in Africa’s telecoms sector, guiding its progress.


5. Marble Towers

Marble Towers, reaching for the heavens in Johannesburg’s bustling Central Business District, is an architectural masterpiece indicative of Danpullo’s international impact. This famous 32-story tower, ornamented with a mix of concrete and marble, was built in 1973 and continues to function as a commercial centre. Its stature is further enhanced by an eight-story adjacent parking garage, cementing its position as one of Africa’s tallest towers.


6. Real Estate Ventures

Danpullo’s influence extends beyond agricultural, telecommunications, and skyscrapers to global real estate markets. His holdings include properties in Nigeria, France, Switzerland, and South Africa, as well as two commercial malls. This pantheon of real estate assets solidifies his position as one of South Africa’s leading commercial property owners.


7. MDB Vision

MDB Vision is a Swiss-based company of the global Baba Amadou Group, which also has activities in South Africa, Nigeria, Cameroon, and Senegal. The company is an African franchise and license operator that focuses solely on the categories of Sport, Fashion, New Technologies, Hospitality, Food, and Supplements.

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