63-Years-Old Black Woman With 33 Grandchildren Graduates College

Robyn Roberts is a remarkable 63-year-old grandma of 33 children and great-grandmother of 12. She recently graduated from Southern New Hampshire University, demonstrating that education is a lifetime endeavor.

“I have finished something I started that is absolutely amazing, and I feel amazing,” Roberts said in an interview with the university according to Good Morning America.

Her quest to higher education began in high school with a challenge from her grandson, who said, “I’ll do it if you do it.” As a result, a friendly rivalry developed, culminating in a GPA battle between them, which Roberts proudly won.

With a degree in business administration, this 64-year-old grandmother plans to attend law school. She intends to assist survivors of abuse.

“64 is the year of new beginnings,” she said. “If all goes well, by the time I turn 67, I’ll be a lawyer.”

In addition to her academic activities, Roberts and her husband own a trucking company that transports hazardous items and government equipment. She thanked SNHU for arranging her education despite her hectic schedule as a company owner.

“I did 90% of my studies from inside my semi-truck,” said Roberts, who worked on assignments in rest areas during their travels.

Furthermore, multitasking does not end after graduation. Roberts stopped in Dover, Delaware, on her route to the event, and she plans to visit New York and Arkansas before returning to her hometown of Las Vegas to host a Thanksgiving meal for 38 guests.

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