6-Year-Old Twin Dies After Police Pursuit Crash That Killed His Mother And Injured Brother


On March 23, a 20-year-old suspect was attempting to elude police in a stolen vehicle during a pursuit in California when he collided with a woman who was riding in a car with her 6-year-old twin sons. The twins were also seriously injured in the crash, but one of them died on Monday, according to CBS News.

The defendant, Ralph Ellsworth White III, was pursuing a Hercules police car when he collided with a Nissan automobile. The sedan was being driven by a woman, who was accompanied by her twin boys. She died quickly after the crash, while her sons were seriously injured, although one of the kids died as a result of his injuries. The accident happened at Parker Avenue and Fourth Street in Rodeo, according to authorities.

“It is with great sorrow that I am confirming that the six-year-old child who was in critical condition has unfortunately passed away,” Hercules Police Chief Joseph Vazquez said in a press statement on Monday. “Our thoughts are with the family of the victims and the community during this difficult time. We ask that you please respect the family’s privacy, and that you keep them in your prayers.”

Ryniqueka Dowell was named as the deceased mother on a GoFundMe page set up by her family in the aftermath of the fatal crash. Jamari, one of her twin kids, was also critically injured “without any brain activity,” according to the fundraising. Jamani, the other twin, suffered shattered legs as well as other injuries.

After the incident, White got out of the stolen Mazda SUV and fled the area. Authorities later tracked him out and arrested him. He is accused of vehicular manslaughter, possession of a stolen car, and three counts of pursuit causing death or grievous bodily harm.

Meanwhile, a cousin of the deceased mother told ABC7 that police need to stop pursuits “when a car gets into a residential neighborhood.” “They don’t care. They never stop chasing them. They need to stop chasing them. If the police had stopped chasing them, then this would never have happened,” she added.

Another individual who rushed to the scene of the accident to help also registered his worries over police chases on Parker Avenue. “Whenever they get chased, they always want to run out this way, go towards the projects, or go down and try to ditch the police. But there (are) a couple a week. At least a couple a week. Sometimes, there is more. It’s wild,” he said. “But it is dangerous.”

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